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    Celine Dion - Decade of song SACD defective ... ?

    Has anyone got this SACD?

    I received it yesterday from an online order, and my player REFUSES to play track 7 up till track 16 during multichannel. If I switch over to 2 channel stereo, the full CD plays flawlessly.

    Has anyone with the SACD experienced this? Are both stereo and multichannel on a signle layer of the SACD? Why would it do that?

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    Just a small update :

    As mentioned earlier, I received this 'defect' SACD a few days ago, and it wouldn't play beyond a certain point.

    I bought my Sony DV-NS955v SACD player 2 months ago, and assumed it could not have been the player at fault, as it played my other SACDs. However, I took my 'defect' to other shops and tried their new Sony DV-NS955v players as well. Alll 3 players stop in the EXACT same place as mine (Track 6 at 01:06 minutes in multichannel).

    I then tried on OTHER players, including a very expensive Sony SACD-only player, a cheaper Sony midi player, a Yamaha universal player and a Marantz DV6400. They all played the SACD perfectly. It seems as if all the Sony DVP-NS955v are faulty, as everything else played this SACD.

    Does anyone have the same player, and tried the Celine Dion SACD?

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