Hello everyone:

I have been recording interviews with a Canon XL2 and recently switched to an off-camera shotgun mic plugged into one of the rear XLR connectors. I got the Rode NTG-2 Battery or Phantom Powered Condenser Shotgun Microphone. Now that the mic is off the camera, there are no more camera rumbles and clicks in my audio, but there's always a hiss.

If I set the camera to attenuate the audio and automatically protect from clipping the sound, the hiss is inaudible, but the voice is low. Once I apply gain ("louder" in SoundBooth CS3), the hiss is pretty loud. I then have to remove noise and that ends up making the voice sound metallic. Any advice on what I can do to capture better audio from the camera using the equipment I already have?

I can upload sound clips if it would be helpful.