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    c565 allows access to it's DAC, so 840 isn't alone any more.

    Have you all looked at this NAD c565? It is very cool, having some very innovative features. Yes, the Cambridge has a digital input but so does the c565 now, but the c565 goes a step further than just optical and adds a USB input to allow your mp3 files to use the DAC and even be upsampled. It will even give you the mp3 track info and allow random access. The c565 allows upsampling, for both CD or MP3, to be turned off or upsample to 96 or 192 kHz.

    Here's a review that's more like an overview:

    I just thought this was a very cool player.

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    yeah the USB and upsampling is pretty sweet. still really comes down to the sound of the system. but good to see they are thinking ahead.

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