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    Beresford Bushmaster TC-7530 DC

    Anyone familiar with this DAC

    Beresford DAC

    I have the Dacmagic in my main system and the Grant Fidelity tubedac 11 in my second looking a DAC for my third system.

    Both Dac are excellent.....didnt swap it around to see which is better.

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    I had the model before this. It had excellent detail retrieval that was as good as expensive dacs. The instrument and stereo seperation was very good as well. It was smartly laid out and I never had an issue with it. The build quality was really good for the price, but lacked some mid-class finishes. The one caveat of that dac is that it did sounds lean and that it lacked a measure of timbral weight and texture. But for the price I thought it was an excellent dac. I eventually moved to a PS AUDIO DL lll.
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    I also consider the TC-7520 after reading pretty good reviews, but settle with the DacMagic and GF tubedac11. Haven't found any reviews for the current TC-7530.

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