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    audioengine a5 and soundcard

    Hi, im new to these forums so hi everyone

    I just bought a set of audioengine a5 speakers and im loving them. The question i have is would changing sound card make a difference. Im currently using a creative xfi titanium. I game, listen to music and watch movies equally. I'd rather have sound quality over eax and other crap features. The sound card im considering is the asus xonar essence st. Im just wondering is it worth switching sound cards? or would the st be over kill for these speakers.

    any advice is appreciated! thanks in advance


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    Asus make really good cards, it could quite possibly be a step up from your X-Fi. Personally, I enjoy having a remote and front loading features. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum and it's wicked fun. I can integrate with my system, rip vinyl, etc, etc.

    If you'll only be concerned with powered speakers, fine. But if you ever plan to expand your horizons, consider a front drive with more digital/analog in/outputs.

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