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Thread: AC3/DTS to PCM

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    AC3/DTS to PCM

    I have a need of a DVD movie with PCM audio. All the DVDs that I currently own have AC3 or DTS audio. Is there a way to convert the audio format alone to PCM without taouching the video. I tried to stream store in VLC, but it dosent have a LPCM output option. Basically I want to have a regular DVD with the .vob files but containing 2 channel LPCM audio.

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    Yes you can do this fairly easily...assuming you can decrypt (i.e rip) the DVD. DVD rippers are not legal in the US due to the DMCA but if you do have a tool to rip the DVD it will create a .vob file with the video and audio. You then extract the audio from the .vob file.

    Check this link
    I can't vouch for the PC method I've done it on the Mac OS platform, not the PC.

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