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    20 bit lambda super linear!!!

    I am posting about cd players in this forum because I don't find any other for it. Anyway, I am not excited because I got a vintage cd player but I am learning interesting things. The Denon I got, DCD 660 (1989) has a 20 bit lambda super linear converter. (I didn't know it) but reaserching in the web, I found Denon still use it in some high priced units and sigma delta in the low cost units. This vintage unit claims S/N 107 db, THD >0.003 db, channel sep > 100db Do you guys know about this Lambda D/A converter???? Is it a Denon patent??
    P/S I found now that this converter is used in hi-end Denon cd players. DCD-685 and DCD S1 ($8000) use it. I paid $9.00 in the GoodWill without know any thing about this old unit, but I see now why the sound impressed me and don't notice any difference with my Nad cd player. When I got home with it before yesterday, I said, how is possible this 20 year old trash sound like this. That made me research about it because I couldn't believe it.
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    It is a basic unit. The DAC it self is not so important. (Many guys are still using 16bit dac and claim they are the best) But that is beside the point. The 660 is a entry level unit but with the price you pay it is a bargain.

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