I am looking for a decent 2.0/2.1 setup for my workstation at the office. I'm trying to keep the price around $100. Of course this isn't very much money, but I'm not looking for an ultra high-end setup. Heck, I was even thinking about just getting the Logitech Z-4 setup and being done with it. That is, until I started reading about the Swan desktop setups that are around $100 and decided I wouldn't mind spending a little more money for a lot more quality. I would like some bass, but that is not a huge deal. I'm not looking to rattle the walls. However, I do work alone quite often at night and will definitely want to open these babies up once in a while. I listen to old school hip-hop quite often (in addition to everything from classical to hardcore to metal) so tight bass would be nice, but again, nothing extreme. With that said, I see three Swan setups that all look attractive. They are the D1080 MkII ($125), M10 ($109), and M12 ($99). I'd love to hear if anyone around here has experience with any of these models and what their opinions are. I am in no way limiting myself to just the Swan brand, I'm open to all suggestions. They just seem to offer some quality setups at a bargain price.