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    Hi from Chicagoland

    ...I've been into home theater for around 30 years or so.My 1st system had a Dolby surround decoder[Realistic] with a VHS tape machine hooked up to a 13 inch CRT tv and a Denon stereo receiver.Which then morphed into a system with a Dolby Pro logic decoder[Yamaha] and a 27 inch tv with a laser disc player.Then I got a dvd player[Sony] and a 27inch HDTV[Samsung CRT]which then begat the system I have now[Panasonic 32 inch LCD tv hooked up to a Samsung Blu ray player and a Denon AVR 391 receiver].....btw the speakers i'm using are Advent Baby II's in front with a Boston Acoustic center,A Yamaha YST SW-60 sub and Boston Acoustic A 40 Series II' you know my story.

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    Welcome to AR. I remember around the time surround sound was taking off there wasn't even a center channel and the big demo VHS was Top Gun, which is being released on Blu-ray, it would be interesting to see how the soundtrack turns out. Before surround sound the big deal was getting your MTV in stereo and to play through your stereo

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    Welcome, I remember when the center channel and Dolby pro Logic became a big deal because the shop I worked in then would not stop Jurassic Park from playing all day with the Pro logic receiver(Yamaha) running Sound Dynamic floorstanders in the front with a center channel and mono rear channel bookshled style speakers and everyone thought that was a big deal. I remember that the rear channels were not even powerful enough to add to much I think they were only like 15 or 20 watt IC amps running the rear speakers. It seems now with Dolby and DTS having high bit versions with multiple channels that the changing will slow down a bit. I still can't believe some processors are putting out 9 to 12 channels of surround information. Talk about too many speakers in 1 room.

    Marantz SR5008(HT)
    Nu Force P8 Preamp (2 channel)
    Pass Labs X150.5(2 channel)
    Adcom 545 mk2 power amp(rear channel amp)
    Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S Mains Speakers
    Dayton 8" HO custom sealed subwoofer(2 channel)
    Yamaha NS-c444 center channel
    Emotiva ERD-1 surround speakers
    JBL e250p subwoofer highly modified
    Samsung 46" LED TV
    OPPO BDP-83 blue ray/multi format player
    ps-audio NuWave dac (2 channel)
    Dell I660 music server running fidelizer windows 8 audio optimizer
    PS Audio Quintet power center

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwkn View Post
    ...A Yamaha YST SW-60 sub
    I owned that sub too. I gave it to my girlfriend, but it had a very nice sound. Sometimes I want it back for a second system, but that would be indian giving. Once I used it with a pair of System Audio speakers and it sounded fantastic as a fun system. That servo really made it sound good. Too bad they don't make it any more.

    Hi from south of Chicago.

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