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    It keeps telling me that me that I have to come by and here and say hi!.

    So HI

    I am just learning about all of this stuff. My dad just gave me some vintage equipment to either try to use or get it to some who would really love it. I sell vintage Swatch watches and people get so excited and happy when they find the one they wanted in the 80's or lost in the 80's. So either way.

    I am enjoying learning about all the systems. I have Stromberg Carlson and the tube thing is really interesting.

    I am from Dallas. I normally work in PR but that is only because the job of princess was already filled at Medieval Times. (Seriously, wouldn't that be cool to have on your resume?)

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    Hi Dawn, welcome to the forum.

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    Hello, Your old tube gear can be brought back to a good life, but plenty of entry level stuff would cost the same or less if you don't do all the work yourself.

    Speaking of Resumes, the last one we got for an open position was interesting. The opening bullet point said "Wicked Smart". We are going to interview her for the fun of it and see if she can back it up. Hopefully if you did put Princess on yours, you could also back it up

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