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Thread: wire conduit

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    wire conduit

    Can anyone recommend a source or brand of wiring conduit (website) that I can run along my floor in which I can hide all of my speaker wires and interconnects? I have to go about 10' and right now I'm using just duct tape. I can't attach it via screws. It will need to somehow adhere to the carpeting since this has to be run where my thin carpet meets a sliding glass door metal frame. I would prefer this to be square or reactangular and not round conduit. I've seen this round flexible blue conduit but that's not going to work for my application. Wiremold in the Hope Depot won't work either. Not enough room to hold all of my cables. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Wiremold and Panduit both have extensive product lines and should have something you can use. Check out there websites.
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