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    Tributaries Cables?

    Does anyone here have any experience with Tributaries cables? My local audio store sells them and AudioQuest. They seem to be decent cables and have a variety of cables (component, s-video, audio, etc.) at different and attractive price points. They appear to be a good value. I do not have a very high end system but want some good cables. I also like to buy locally and support this store because they have been very helpful to me in the past.

    This might help...

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    I currently am using the Tributaries Component for my video and have been very pleased with it. I too was looking for something nearly high-end, but not high-dollar. Tributaries optical cables are also good...I am using that for a second music-only setup in my house and I have thoroughly enjoyed that. I have a few of the Delta analog interconnects from them as well, which have served nicely here and there. The only thing that I dislike is that all of their low-end stuff feels like it's made out of cheap parts. At least with the Monster stuff that most people get around the same price range feels like it's higher quality. I have since switched from Tributaries to a bit higher end stuff like the White Zombie silver interconnects and Tara Labs optical, which have cost 2-3x what the Tributaries stuff did and the improvements are noticeable.

    In your case you can't really go wrong with either AudioQuest or Tributaries, but if you are going to go with Trib...get the higher end products from them.

    I have also liked the AudioQuest Diamonbacks, but I wouldn't get anything less than those as everything under them in their line seems cheap too.

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