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    The spades won't fit my amp's biding posts

    Hi, if anyone could help me find a solution for the following issue:
    I have vintage Marantz 250M with screw binding posts (I think that's how to say) and I have just purchased a pair of Better Cables Premium speaker cables terminated with spades. The spades are too wide to fit the Marantz's binding posts. What should I do, should I cut the spades off and leave the bare wire?
    Thanks for the help!!!

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    You could try bending them so that they are narrower, but otherwise I would have them reterminated. I used to have this amp that had freakin' doorknobs for speaker terminals, so I had my Cardas Neutral Ref's reterminated as bananas.
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    I would cut them off and replace them with banana plugs at the end.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    We're talking 70's consumer gear here.

    Quote Originally Posted by PeruvianSkies
    I would cut them off and replace them with banana plugs at the end.
    IIRC, I think all he has are screw terminals. Binding posts didn't become normal in home gear for a few more decades.

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    IMHO spades rule, replace the spades with narrower ones.

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    I can sell you the spades that fit your biding post or can fix it for you.

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