Question: Requirement to optimise UK spec Sky+ digibox connection to HD ready LCD TV. Due to the awaited HD sat broadcast in UK, not due until Mar 06, I find myself pondering over the best connection whilst awaitng for HDMI output from any new Sat box to be installed in early 06?

Friends have recommedned RGB Scart from the Sat to TV which I am currently using, results being not great, may be improved by purchasing a higher grade scart lead of course! Current lead approx £15 from Auther Daley's emporium at the end of the road! Or, other options include; S Video, or I have recently spotted a Scart to component lead which looks apealing in concept, as I am aware of the improved quality in component over RGB Scart, however would that improvement be realised using such a lead?

Back to the original question, which would be the best option for improved quality given a non HD output Sat box? Any thoughts would be gratefully recieved.