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    RCA to 1/4" Cable

    These are a Monster RCA to 1/4". I am wondering how can I do that with cables from Acoustic Research?
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    I'm a Cardas fan.

    Cardas makes both Phono jacks and RCA jacks in several grades. The best or a notch or two down from the best ones are probably a decent match for the Audio Research cables.
    His solder is also easy to use (Eutectic) and a good grade of audio solder.

    There's also a brochure, go to the home page, find the brochure link..

    Their stuff isn't cheap, but there are few exotic bells and wistles, high purtity metals and a choice of platings (I like the Rhodium, sounds great and corrodes slower and less than most other platings).

    Cardas does not sell direct, but once you find the parts you want, you can search for a dealer or email Cardas. I think Michael Percy carries the solder and RCA's I'm not sure about the phono.

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