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    pro hifi link fibre optic connection?

    I recently got the Pro Hifi Link (Xitel) which allows me to send digital data from my PC via USB to a receiver. The data from the computer is sent via analog, digital 5.1, or TOSLINK. Although my music is not in dolby 5.1 surround, I'd like to get the best quality sent to my Home Theater system.

    If I use the TOSLINK to connect my computer to the HTS, will I get a better quality output than simply sending the signal via analog?

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    Computers are great sources of analog noise. Their power supplies are just not designed for audio, most digital devices survive and work just fine in a very noisy power environment.

    I advise you to stay away from analog connections between a computer and any decent sound system. Use a digital connection if your source only supports Toslink, use it.

    I am not that big a fan of Toslink, many pretend that it's just like fiber optics but it really isn't. Fiber optics use glass cables, lasers and pin diode detectors, Toslink uses plastic cable, LEDs and phototransistors each an order of magnitude less performance than true fiber optic stuff.

    Still a digital connection will not be worse than the analog connection and has every chance of being substantially better. Of course this means you will use the D to A converter in the downsteam component rather than the one in the PC sound card. Not all D to As are created equal.

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