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    Question Opinions wanted on Monster Cable

    Is Monster a/v Cable worth the money or is there a compairible brand for less money?

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    I don't know if there is anything better at a cheaper price. Cheaper yeah, but not better. Now there are better cables in the same price or just little more money from the likes of Transparent, Audioquest etc. There are so many cable manufacturers now and some brands of cables work better with certain brands of electronics (synergy) and also any gain you realize will depend on the quality of your gear, so the best thing is to try some cables in your system to see if you notice improvement. There are many stores now that offer 30 day return policy and most high end shops have loaners you can take home to try.

    With my prior old school rear projection TV I was using an entry level Monster composite video from my Denon DVD player. I replaced it with a $90.00 Transparent and noticed a big difference. Of course, it was a jump in price as well. But there was a big improvement in black level and detail. The thing that sticks in my mind about the switch is with the Monster this guys shirt just looked like a dark color but with the Transparent in place, I could see that the shirt was a checked or plad with blue and black squares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2891966
    Is Monster a/v Cable worth the money or is there a compairible brand for less money?
    I have tried Monster brand cables on an A/B comparison with other brands such as those that come from Walmat, Radioshack etc. I could not see a bit of difference in any of them. My advice, go to Walmart. Incidentally, I made the comparisons on a 65 inch Hitachi HD tv set. If there were a difference, it should have been easy to see.

    Do the experiment yourself, but make sure you can return the expensive cables. If there is a difference, I certainly couldn't see it.

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    Monster is definitely overpriced. You can get the same cables at WalMart for 1/4 the price.

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    monster cables cost way to much and perform way to little.

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    I agree.Also,you should also base your speaker wire size to the amount of power your speakers need.For example,you would not use 16ga.wire on a 15"speaker.Anything larger than what you need is a waste of your money.

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    Monster vs Audioquest

    I had Monster Z and M series cables and switched everything to Audioquest I noticed a difference in audio and video I also changed my Monster line conditioner to a Panamax and noticed an even better improvement
    Have fun expensive hobby

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