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    nordost blueheaven vs kimber pbj,hero


    How does the chord cobra 3, kimber pbj and kimber hero compare to nordost blue heaven interconnect. Is it a major upgrade soundwise.



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    Those cables are good enough that system synergy will influence the buying decision. The only Kimber I've heard recently was the KCAG an all silver and expensive cable that seems to be showing it's age. The Kimber Hero's get good reviews.

    Personally, I've become a Cards fan, I'm using Cardas Golden Presence interconnects. Cardas has some recommendations on his site about cables appropriate to a given system.

    My list would read: are you a music fan, hobbyist, audiophile, financially nuts or certifiable, he is more kind.

    My stuff:
    Olive Musica/transport and server
    Mark Levinson No.360S D to A
    Passive pre (homemade; Shallco, Vishay, Cardas wire/connectors)
    Cardas Golden Presence IC
    Pass Labs X250
    Martin Logan ReQuests.

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