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    Need recommendation for cheap, good cables

    I have 2 quick questions.
    First, I'm not a big fan of Monster and they're expensive cables, so please don't recommend them...
    My friends and I are performing several audio tests this weekend coming up...some of us are bringing our own equipment, some of us are buying new stuff etc. Bragging rights are on the line.
    Since 3 of us have all our cables running behind walls and bringing existing cables isn't an option, can anyone recommend good cheap RCA cables (Radio Shack?). Please include the model name or a decent description and where I can find them.

    Second, is there any real advantage to running interconnects into speakers instead of just bare speaker wire, say 16 guage? Other than plugging and unplugging speakers a bit faster?


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    You'll want to use interconnects because over time you will have problems with the exposed metal of the speaker wire oxidizing. In terms of performance it doesn't really matter. If you are getting interconnect cables, don't go cheap-est. You will have all sorts of humming happening. I've used the Gold Series RCA cables from Radio Shack and they work fairly well.
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    Well, I think Radio Shack now charges more for speaker cables than they should. You can try Home Depot for some 12, 14, or 16 gauge speaker wire. 12 is a safe bet for most purposes unless it is too big to connect to the amp and speaker terminals easily.

    Interconnect wire is generally too small for speaker cables for high fidelity speakers.
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