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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Monster Cable suing Blue Jeans Cable?

    As if Monster doesn't already have enough litigious trespasses already, now they want to stifle the competition for simply offering a lower cost alternative.

    While I'm not normally one to post a link to another forum, I think the meat of this thread deserves some attention. I do have the admin's permission (from there) to post this link and it does contain direct responses from the owner of Blue Jeans Cable, a lawyer. They both want this situation out in the open and for as many people as possible to be aware of it.

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    I need an additional Component Video cable. Think I'll go over to BJC and buy one.

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    'bjc violated the design patents from monster cable'...

    I can't see any special way of designing in a monster cable, none. Monster is as basic as it gets.

    oh, and since when is it prohibited to offer something better at a lower cost? or at a higher cost?

    I hope this BS is ended really soon...

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    Us Americans really LOVE suing each other Bert. We're quite preoccupied with it. Justifies the existance of lawyers.

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    Noel Lee (Monster boss) like to portray himself as a nice guy, but the actions of his legal department tell us more about him than any PR moves he makes. I hope BJC rips him a new one on this.
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    Funny I had been thinking about upgrading to some XLR Cables between my amp and preamp... this cinched the deal... I ordered 5 male to female XLR Cables from blue jeans.
    Im also gonna ebay my Monster HTS-3500 power center as i dont use it because I cant stand hearing the relay Hum
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