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    Measurable Quantitative differences in cables

    The following is a re-enactment of true events.
    (Setting: BestBuy, January 29, 2004)

    BB Saleskid: Can I help you sir?
    Kexodusc: Yeah, I need some RCA cables to hook up my new SACD player.
    BB Saleskid: Well sir, may I recommend either Monster or AR instead of these (pointing at the generic RCA cables in my hand).
    Kexodusc: Really? Why does it really make an audible difference (had to ask)
    BB Saleskid: Yeah, "they" say it makes a difference of about 25-30 in overall soundquality%.
    Kexodusc: 25-30%???
    BB Saleskid: Yeah, but only in digital formats, you won't notice much improvement on FM broadcast or on cable TV signals.
    Kexodusc 25-35% of what measured in what units?
    BB Saleskid: (and I kid you not) It's measured in Total Harmonic Distortion.
    Kexodusc: (Fighting back laughter) Ahem...THD? Really.
    BB Saleskid: Yeah, some of these cheaper cables have only gold plated interconnects while these are actual solid gold conducting tips...
    Kexodusc: (thinking to himself...$250/ounce...that explains the price)
    BB Saleskid: ...And their electro-magnetically shielded to prevent electronic signal interference from other sources like radio waves and airplanes.
    Kexodusc: And that'll make a 25-30% difference in sound quality?
    BB Saleskid: Yeah, I use them in my system, I bought some last year before I was working here, they are swwwweeeeeeet. I couldn't believe the difference, it's like night and day.
    Kexodusc: 25-30% better soundquality, less THD...
    BB Saleskid: excuse me for a minute, I've got to get this (answers phone)

    Man, this kid should be working for Monster...I've heard claims about cables, that may or may not be true, but improve your system by 25-30%...this was my best trip to BB yet. I figure I might buy me a set of these, melt the solid gold down and make some money in the gold market too...

    Just thought I'd share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kexodusc
    .this was my best trip to BB yet. I figure I might buy me a set of these, melt the solid gold down and make some money in the gold market too...

    Just thought I'd share.

    LOL, you are too much
    Don't forget, gold is up to $400/oz now

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    Yeah, a kid from BB, all you need to know!!!
    Remember, different isn't always better, but it is different.
    Keep things as simple as possible, but not too simple.
    Let your ears decide for you!

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    Phone rings. Customer asks to speak to Chuck.

    Customer: “Chuck, I was over at Pecars last night, and their loudspeakers are amazing. I could actually hear the traffic on the street outside the recording studio.”

    Chuck: “Really? What recording were you listening too.”

    Customer: “I don't recall, but I want to know if I can hear that kind of stuff on the speakers you showed me.”

    Chuck: “Well, of course. Bring in the recording. If you can hear the traffic on the street on their system we should be able to hear the peanut vendor across the street making change on our system.”

    Customer: “Really?”

    Chuck: “Really!”

    Customer: “I'll be right over. I gotta HEAR this.”

    Buy the time the guy arrived (less than 10 minutes) I'd figured out what he must have heard. Pecars was using a cheap Dual turntable that had audible rumble. I quickly installed the same model turntable in the sound room, and when he arrived, the customer quickly verified that this is indeed what he'd heard at Pecars.

    "That is traffic on the street outside the studio, isn't it?"

    Switching to a different turntable showed that the rumble wasn't actually on the recording after all, and they guy went home with a new set of loudspeakers.

    The guy at Best Buys probably didn't know any better. The guys at Pecars knew full well that what the guy was hearing was not the traffic on the street outside the recording studio. They were just trying to fool the man.

    Funny thing about it, Pecars is still in business, but Audioland closed down years ago. In audio the most deceptive are often the most successful. Look how well Best Buys is doing.

    Interesting story Kexodusc. Thanks for sharing.

    See ya,


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