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Thread: Interesting thoughts about cables

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Peabody View Post

    Cables, like any component in your chain, has to have synergy within the system. Cables can be a worthy upgrade and rather significant in instances.
    Mr P., I agree with your position here. I have always felt that the cables & power cords are the system within the system that allow the music to be set loose or set free. It's been my experience when the system within the system is not synergistic then the listening event is about sound only.
    My audio lab:
    Qinpu A-6000 MK ll Integrated Amp
    Blue Marble Audio Speaker Wire
    Tannoy Mercury V4
    HHB CDR-850
    Grant Fidelity DAC-11/Phillips 7DJ8 tube

    Parasound Zamp V.3/Parasound ZPre2 Preamp
    Signal Cable Analog 2 Speaker Wire
    Dali Ikon 2 mk 2
    Marantz SACD/DVD DV6001
    Stello DA 100 Signature DAC

    Arcam AVR 200
    Signal Cable Classic Speaker Cable
    Mirage Nanosat
    Rel R-528 Subwoofer
    Marantz SACD/DVD DV6001

    Various power cords, I.C.'s, optical, coax, and analog cables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Peabody View Post
    Now Feanor, that's a wild general statement about audiophiles that just isn't true, and I suspect just the opposite. When ever I go to audio events I usually have to ask for something with more energy to be played. I listen to a wide variety of music including Classical. Amongst other instruments, I like listening to drums to see how a system does. As a side note this is an area Krell excel[U][I]s in, IMO.
    Yes, I mispoke; I meant to say, "No disrespect, though, some audiophiles never get around to listening to anything but rock or other forms of amplified music."

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