I am trying to decide how to upgrade some of the cables I have in my system, and need some recommendations. I am a complete novice when it comes to cables and connectors. Without breaking the bank, what kind of rca connectors for my CD players and receivers? Do I have any other options besides the rca's?

Also, my paradigm mini monitors have what seem like nice pins hooked up with monster cable--but I am not sure if have to get pins on the receiver end of the monster cable, or if I have any other options, ie, banana plugs(right now they're just twisted "naked" into the receiver speaker posts). Is there a qualitative difference between the two?

I use both a Marantz 4230 receiver, which has spring loaded posts, and a NAD 7240PE receiver, which has what I think are called binding posts. The CD players I use are a Luxman DZ-92 and a NAD 5340.

Thanks in advance.