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    HDMI interference ?

    I bought (3) 15' HDMI 1.3A In-Wall cables from My objective is to run them through my wall. I have an opening through the metal stud that also carries the an insulated electric wire for the outlets. After running the HDMI cables through the same hole I have noticed that the electrical current is distorting the signal. I have talked with monoprice and they say no matter what cable I have it will be affected by the insulated electric wire going traveling through the metal stud. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of solving this problem? Or if it's my cables? Should I try a monster cable? I should include that I ran 1 of the 15' cables outside the wall, as a test, and I am having no problems with distortion. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    You could try running the HDMI through some type of conduit that would insulate it from the electric wire. I'm not sure what material that would be. It may not be what you want but I'm afraid you solved your own problem when you found there isn't one when running the HDMI outside the wall. Is that one hole the only one in the stud? If you had a second choice, maybe higher up, that should work.

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