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    Talking Has anyone else tried Pure AV Speaker Cables???

    I've recently put together a new two channel system. I wanted a reasonable quality speaker cable that didn't modify the sound in anyway. I started looking around at all the usual sources. I had a number of pairs of high end Monster Cable, both Biwire and regular (terminated in Banana Plugs). The Biwire cables sounded terrible in the system, perhaps because the high quaility componets could show off any artificial timing flaws. Also, Monster uses different cables for the high and low frequencies, which IMHO is a huge mistake. So, I deceided to leave in the Manufacture supplied high and low speaker bridge and just use simple red and black cable run.

    I experimented with some simple wire, which wasn't bad, but then after days of research I came across the Belkin PureAV series preterminated cables. For the price, easily found for around $50 if you really search around, I thought I'd take a chance. I plugged them in and they sounded perfect from the first molement. I was very, very happy. They essentially disappeared in the system, which is what I was hoping for. None, of this "speaker burn" in BS, or birwire stuff, just pure and simple perfect sound reproduction.

    I'm very curious if anyone out there has tried this line of cables and what they tought versus some of the exotic brands. I'm seriously considering replacing some of my other speaker cables with these now. They come in three different sizes. I would have never thought that for so little money, I could have such high quality. And if you think Belkin is a small company, guess again, they are one of the lagest producers of computer cables of all sorts. When you manufacture computer cable you have to meet ISO Standards.

    Just my 2 Cents, I hope everyone that spent over $100- on thier cables doesn't get to upset and consider letting me know what they think of this somewhat new player...


    I couldn't find a review page for Belkin's new high end audiophile quality cables. So, I'm going to post my review below:

    Manufacture Site:
    Model: AV53001-12
    12' Speaker Cables

    The build quality of this cable is exceptional. Extremely stiff cables that appear to be of very high quality in all aspect. The packaging was also excellent, UPS beat up the box as usual, but my Pure AV cable was unscathed. I ended up purchasing the cable on thenerds dot net because they had the best price at the time. This is a serious audiophile cable. I did a lot of research before purchasing this cable. I was considering biwiring my speakers, but after having a bad experience with Monster High End Cables I decided against this configuration.

    I have never heard such a perfect reproduction on my system of the complete frequency range. Just in case you were wondering I am using this in a system with a Rotel RX-1052 Stereo Receiver, Triangle Comete Speakers, and a Rotel RCD-1070 CD Player. We�re talking about $2,500 in equipment, but yet less than a $100 pair of speaker cables.

    I did has some initial concerns regarding the wire gauge only being 14awg, but I don�t believe this to be the case. The wire is actually a core of 99.9997% oxygen-free, PCOCC conductors and high quality silver solder joints. It also looks like it has a solid core that is supposed to support exact sound reproduction at every frequency. I found this to definitely be the case, with forceful and controlled base and beautiful highs. The piano and violin�s are exceptional, concert like.

    Listening to music on my system just brings continuous smiles, as I�m beginning to feel what the artist produced on the original recordings.

    The wires are also permanently manufactured with a polyethylene dielectric material and abrasion-resistant PVC jacket. The other amazing thing is that Pure Av offers a few different screw in terminations. It comes standard with the 24k gold-plated banana plugs.

    Happy listening�
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