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    Getting best audio from standard cable service, coxial cable clean up?

    I am upgrading all my RCA style cables to reduce noise on my lines from TV and Receiver. My signal from the cable company is coming from a box in the ground and traveling via coxial cable. Anyway to clean up this signal before it gets to my TV? Reducing noise, artifacts or anything else that would make audio worse? Coxial Info LInk
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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    You can't "clean up" the signal they send you. That's up to the cable company.

    The best you can do is try to prevent it from getting worse. That means using decent, well constructed cables and connectors (not necessarially expensive, though) and make sure the plugs are securely inserted into the jacks.

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    Does your box...

    Have coaxial and optical? I find optical to have less interference.

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