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    Question Effect of broken prongs on IC's


    I have an IC that has some of the prongs that hold the cable to your unit broken. Fortunately, there's the locking rca to keep it holding on to the unit. But I was just wondering if those prongs are used to transfer electrons, or just there to hold the cable in place? Cause if it's just there to keep the cable in place, there shouldn't be any effect on the sound, right? Please enlighten me on this. Thanks!

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    If I uderstand you correctly, you're talking about the "prongs" that make up the outside "collar" that fits to the outside of the RCA type jack. If so, they make the "ground" connection for the signal ... they are NOT there just to hold the plug in the jack, but are the electrical "return" for the signal.

    Fortunately, it only takes ONE of the "prongs" making connection to provide this "return" path - although at probably less efficiency than what would be ideal. As soon as practical, I'd recommend replacing this interconnect with a new one (with all of the "prongs" still present and viable).

    Hope this helps you

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