Okay... I just got the E-mu 0404, and as many of you know, that has two 1/4" female mono outs (one left, one right) for monitor connections. I do no have the money or room for monitors, so I recently purchased a Y-adapter with a female 1/4" on one end, and two mono 1/4" males on the other end. I then plug my computer speakers in by using an 1/8" adapter, and once it's all hooked up, I don't ear anything out of my speakers.

This is an illustration of what I've got set up...

As far as I know, what I have the identical to what E-mu sells (here), but I'm not getting any sound.

Something interesting... if I eliminate the Y-adapter and just use the 1/8" -> 1/4" adapter in each of the 0404's outs, I get sound... but only from my left speaker.

Wondering if I have a bad Y-adapter? I plugged it into my guitar amp and guitar, and got a LOT of noise without much sound. Would appreciate any assistance!