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    dh labs power plus cord vs zion pe power cord


    Has anyone compared the dh labs with the zion power cords, which one is better? Is the dh labs one shielded?



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    You're just all over various forums asking this question aren't you ?. The DH Labs Power Plus is not shielded. I have a DIY power cord I made up from Power Plus cable with Furutech FI-25 gold connectors that I used as a stop gap until I could find a longterm replacement for my Acoustic Zen Tsunami, which came up too short when I re-positioned my CD player.

    The Power Plus is a very good budget cable. Soundstage, ambience and transparency are not as good as the Acoustic Zen but not by much. That should be expected since the AZ is a more expensive cord. Nevertheless, in my system I think the DH Labs gave the Tsunami a good run for the money. I can't help you with the Zion cord but I am not using the Power Plus cord and you can have it for the cost of postage if you're interested.
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