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    CAT5 wiring questions


    6 years ago we had five CAT5 outlets installed in our apartment. One in the bedroom and four in the family room. What is CAT5 and how can I use it for audio purposes? Can I somehow hook up rear surround speakers via CAT5?



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    cat5 cable

    sorry if this shows as a double post. should work but if possible use all wires in one cable for each positive end and another cable for the negative ends. this would only work this way if you have enough of the cable laying around collecting dust. i onnce used satellite dish to reciever wire to make speaker cables they were aluminum so the ends broke off easy. i used up a whole bunch of the wire this way. my dad then wasnt too happy with me. i was a teenager. made interconnects with one of them as well. they were quite brite lean bass but the lowest octaves were strong. but like i said if you have enough of the stuff laying around its worth a try and experiment with them. let us know how they work.

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