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    Any experience with Tributary cables?

    I was shopping around for an HDMI cable, Transparent was $325.00 for a 2 meter. I didn't want to go that high of a price, so looked around for a decent quality cable for less. I saw the basic Monster for around $100.00 to $150.00. In my experience with other types of connections, I just don't have much respect for Monster. Then I wandered across a local store who carried Tributary which I have no experience with and the 6 foot was only $80.00. I'm all for a good deal but I got a little gun shy with them being priced lower than Monster, and more importantly no experience or buzz on them. I don't know if they are Acoustic Research level or a better brand trying to break into the market.

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    Monoprice 24AWG 6ft HDMI Cable retails for $15.44:

    This cable will perform identically to any brand-name HDMI cable retailing for over $100 for a short cable run. In fact, it will perform identically to the Monoprice 28AWG HDMI Cable which retails for $2.84. Only difference on a run under 15ft is that the 24AWG cable looks a hell of a lot prettier.
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