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    Upgrading op amps, Denon DCD1560

    Hi, does anyone have experience upgrading the op amps in a Denon DCD 1560 (or similar)? Analogue Devices AD826 seem to be the ones to go for. How difficult would this be for someone with no real experience - should I even be thinking about it, or do I just take it to the shop and pay?

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    An Opamp is an integrated circuit that plugs into a standard socket on a circuitboard.

    If you can turn off the power to the device, identify the old Opamp on your board, ground yourself on something metal to dissipate any static charge, remove the old Opamp paying attention to its orientation, and replace the old one with the new one using the same orientation, then you should be okay.

    As for whether or not it improves the device depends upon you.
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