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    Smile Nordost Pulsar Points


    Does anybody use Nordost Pulsar Points under there CD Player, Pre Amp or Pwr Amplifier, and what do they think of them?



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    ...rationale for their existence being...?

    Oh, yes..."...reducing resonance and vibration..."

    Well, I have Audio-Technica Isolation pods...under my turntable...and they make perfect sense working in conjunction with an analog, mechanical device that is subject to structure-borne vibration/feedback...

    Unless you have tubed (valved) electronics which can fall prey to microphonics...Some CDPs may be overly sensitive to some jostling but in normal use this should present no problem, if heavy footfalls cause your player to skip, I'd say you have more serious construction issues to contend with...I haven't yet seen (or heard) any evidence of anything similar to microphonics happnin' in other solid state devices...Other audio-types go for sand bags and lead shot...

    Any techie info from Nordost or just the requisite unsolicited, anecdotal accolades? Available in aluminum or titanium? Entry level and higher grade? Hm-m-m-m...

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    use DIY knowledge

    Quote Originally Posted by Yasvanth

    Does anybody use Nordost Pulsar Points under there CD Player, Pre Amp or Pwr Amplifier, and what do they think of them?


    People probably do but since this is also a DIY post why don't you take the opportunity to experiment for yourself. Try wood balls from Michaels at 99 cents each for the 1.5" dia. version. They are some kind of hardwood and have a flat bottom and the top rounded part fits nicely in most stock rubber mounts. You will get isolation and some vibration control from the dissimilar materials, which may work better than just one thing. Not a lot of expert logic but for a buck each, thats all you get. Its worth a try. So are hockey pucks at 89 cents each. If you like platforms, consider butcher blocks in bamboo or hardwood. They are cheap and relatively attractive. All three things will test your wife's sense of humor. The Resident Loser is right about tubed products. The need for vibration control on ss components however is questionable IMO. have fun.

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    What RL said.

    TT will ber affected more than tube gears in my opinion, but if you have a SS pre or amp, I wouldnt worry about it. For that price, get your self a spiked amp stands instead if you havent already. That way, you can isolate it from your carpet(assuming) and increase rigidity you may be worried about. I keep my TT seperated from my listening room with an incredible result, but we are talking about CDP and SS gears. Just enjoy your music, can keep that money in a jar for da new pair of speakers you will purchase in a near future.


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