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Thread: NAD mod?

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    NAD mod?


    My first post here. I went online looking for info on my NAD 7020 receiver and came across some review on your site. In the following..

    ..Pär, the reviewer, mentions that..

    "The shortcomings of this little wonder is easy cured (vol.pot., a few components, upgraded internal wires and bypas of some "stupid" buttons) [Se Rays page for a hint.] And if you are bothered with the "tuner" part of the preciever to mess the delicate signals in the preamp, don't bother coz this baby turns most of those signals off when you don't use the "tuner"!"

    I'd like to know more about this. I couldn't find a Pär in the memberlist. Does anyone know who "Ray" is that he mentions?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Nad Mods

    Good Day Bluebeard

    Watch out for the slippery slope of modding your equipment! Even though I am not familer with you NAD 7020 I will try to help out with my limited knowledge. First off reading the reviews there seams to be a problem with dirty pots that appears age related. Finding replacements which will be available with some looking but usually the exact same problem will occur with age but this will give it another 10 to 20 years so all is not lost. Putting in better pots is always nice but this usually means you need to get lucky or your modifications just became more complicated.

    Switches that you never use can always be bypassed with wires which may or may not affect the sound, only one way to find out. Replacing internal wires always depends on how things are built sometimes it is quite easy, samething with RCA connectors gold plated connectors do not corrode as stock versions.

    I would check out TNTAudio and look up the power supply upgrades that are listed this will benefit the amplifier section the most. From my experience from trying these power supply upgrades it was worth the effort. Install bypass caps on bridge rectifiers as well as doubling the large electrolytic capacitors that are installed. Do not have to be the same company or type just read but make sure that the voltage rating is the same or higher. Note electrolytic capacitors do where out so you might want to replace the ones that are already in there with new ones. Also bypass these caps with some good polyprolyene film and foil, I have used North Creek Music 0.1uf @ 800VDC. My experience has been tighter bass cleaner highs, in general a fair improvement over stock. Do not worry about going all out just do the basic upgrades it is worth the effort.

    Replacing output caps with better polyprolyene film and foil of a higher voltage will also improve the sound. These are just a few suggestions and some of the things that I have tried that worked.

    Have a Great Day

    Happy Ears

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