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    Question Little help...please

    I recently decided to tried to upgrade my home theater system. I secured a scvr (Onkyo TX-SR600) from my buddy and purchaced a SVS 20-39 powered sub with Ascend CMT-340 mains, CMT-340 center, and CMT-170 surrounds after reading reviews on this webside.

    My problem is...the sound is unreal while watching a DVD. The sub is unbelievable! Great depth and more than I expected! However, when playing a CD, watching TV/Cable, or listening to the radio the sub is not working. My installer could not figure it out either. His gut feeling is that there may be a problem with my rcvr.

    I understand that there is usually a differenced in sound quality b/t digital and analog, but would that cause the sub to stop working?? I called SVS and they mentioned that I could run my fronts into the sub first and then to the fronts, but I already had a retrograde installation in my house for the speakers and my sub is located in the rear of a very large room.

    Any suggestions?

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    You probably have....

    your receiver sub setting to lfe or something like large L/R + LFE so DVD's output bass to the LFE (Low Frequency Effects) but while listening to the radio, or cd there is no LFE signal. Try this, Put all your speakers at small, set the sub on the receiver to SUB and crossover the lowest it will go (probably 80hz) and see what happens. I have to do this on my for bass on CDs, Radio, etc. Note that this setting will work with DVDs also. So it's probably not your receiver.

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