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    Great Sounding DIY Speaker Cables

    See the bottom of this link:

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    one of the dumbest ideas ever

    Bare wires??? You are only minutes away from a kick, child or cat having the cables touch and short and say goodbye to that pretty little tube amp.

    Not to mention surface area has increased true...but unprotected and non insulated will ensure a lot of surface area oxidation in no time.

    You are better off taking two insulated ribbon cables one per polarity at least they are insulated.

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    If the wire is from a foil inductor it would have to be insulated already. I guess whatever works for you. I simply use 18 gauge solid. 2 strands for positive and 1 for negative. I use it because it is readily available for me.
    sound on

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    When those foil-inductors appeared I knew some bright head would come up with foil-cables. Seems like people don`t understand why the foil-inductors sounds cleaner. (by reducing interference)

    One of my utra-highend buddies tryed this foil-trick years ago, lucky for him I was there at the time or he would`ve been stuck with them for years. But when i removed them and put on some solid-core leftovers some electrican, just some tiny 13awg, the sound opened up alot. And later when we added some 9awg for the mids and 3x9awg for the basses his eyeballs were on the way out..

    Spewakerwires needs area, not surface. Extern as well as intern cables, passive filters included is a part of amps powercircuit and needs to be buildt to handle the power. (thick solid core)

    Try to find some 10/9/8-awg solid copper and play it loud for a bout an hour..


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