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    Cool Gee, KUNK, where went your gainclone post?

    I found the subject interesting... so I searched it.

    One example:

    The "Beast" - LM3875 Chip Amplifier - 25 April 2007

    "Bruce has completed a LM3875 Non-Inverting Chip Amplifier using a LM3875 kit from He has affectionately named his gainclone project the "Beast". For the enclosure, Bruce used plastic and aluminum project boxes from Radio Shack. Consistent with what most other chip amp builders are finding out, these gainclone kits result in a great sounding Hi-Fi amplifier at a very modest price."

    "......If anyone needs a quality music system, this is the way to go. As a plus the price is right. The cost of building the Beast from all new parts is under $100US. With the gingerbread and stuff to make it pretty add another $50US."

    "and.... when I attached Beauty (12AX7 Tube Preamp kit) to the Beast, ....."

    So.... Burce spent $150US. I suppose, KUNK, that if you were going commercial (my impression) then volume parts plus labor still might cost $150US. Add overhead, etc. and maybe a retail cost of $250US? Add speakers for... ?

    Well, KUNK, this Forum is probably not the place to get the answers you want. It seems people here might consider paying $100,000 for a turntable, for heaven's sake.

    As for inputs, couldn't you connect almost anything (really good CD players are available for cheap) consistent with this price/performance philsophy?

    I found Bruce's discussion about "...when I attached Beauty (12AX7 Tube Preamp kit) to the Beast, ....." interesting, because I am going to connect an ART 12AX7A tubie mic/line preamp in front of a pair of Mackie HR824 active powered studio monitors that I use in our kitchen. I intend for the ART to filter out any upper odd harmonics from the solid state source equipment, so that we have that lovely Futterman/Jolida tubie sound... Mackies plus ART now equal a total cost less than $900. The kitchen Mackies are really clean right now, but perfection calls. Heck, I'm going to put another pair of these Mackies in the screened patio at the opposite end from the BBQ. This should be heaven... groove & dine at the same Party Time

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    Thanks Mash, for an interesting and knowledgeable reply.

    What you’re doing should sound really good. I think the combination of tube and SS might work out well, especially for a digital source, switching power supply or a line with a “dummer” downstream. I don’t think the tube front end will pass much high frequency hash and/or digital artifacts….cool….We likes it smooooth, don’t we.

    Speaking of power supply’s, check out “Red Wine audio”. They use SLA Battery power for the +12vdc, comm., -12vdc required by their Tri-path amp….best DC there is.

    You’re right, I may eventually try to offer (“regular folks”) a matched (complementary) amp and speaker set for under $1K that can be driven by most sources. I believe it’s doable if the design and operational parameters are controlled i.e. reasonable power/volume levels (it’s the first watt that counts), good quality but low parts count with efficient assembly and construction. But, hey I’m just an ol-eng. that likes audio (music first), electronics and wood working.

    Regarding my post, I removed it do to an apparent lack of interest. Yes, you’re right this is probably not the forum for me. Too many silly, rude, sanctimonious fools that want to spiral a thread down into an ego war or dating service, I’m not sure which. That’s why I will no longer be using this forum. If you (or anyone else) would like more info on ”new gen SS” amps, full range, single driver speakers, speaker construction, wood working and turning…or any reasonably serious topic, please feel free (or at least cheap) to email me at (send private message.) I’ll always be glad to offer my humble services and resources to help out another real “music-phile”. I’ve done many hours of research on these topics and have hundreds of links. I’ll be glad to send them on out….got to go…regards
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    Hi Kunk,

    Glad you were able to get some help.

    You may want to send your email address to Mash in a PM privately though. You never know what crazies may pick it up from a public forum. I would advise editing your post and deleting that part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMichael
    Hi Klunk
    What was that noise? I just heard a noise! Something went "KLUNK"

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    Hey, KUNK, looks like you might still be about....

    I am now running the ART Tube MP Studios in front of the Mackie HR824's in the kitchen. The result is not a "tubie sound", but it is *completely* smooth with etched detail. Sorta like the Futterman/Maggie combo.

    I am using the 1/4" TS inputs (840K Ohm impedance) which unload the frount end SS outputs. I run XLR cable from the ART XLR outputs to the Mackie XLR inputs. The VU needles on the ARTs never move from their left side rest positions, so the 12AX7A tubes are loafing. No need to engage the output limiter.

    These ART units' 1/4" TS inputs are also specified for connecting an instrument, such as a guitar pickup output, to the Mackies. [The XLR inputs are for mics and also offer Phantom power on request.] Can you see where this is heading? I have two Epiphones and a Belluchi, and a Shure guitar pickup (the steel string Epi has a built-in pickup, but the nylon string guitars do not). All three acoustic guitars are solid rosewood bodies with solid spruce tops.... the Belluchi is German spruce & slow growth rainforest rosewood. All should be sounding fine thru the Mackies....... Rock on!

    I sent you info, and a dealer link, for the ART units, to your email.... they are available right now at a killer, killer price..... that is simply too low to mention here. [I could quote the price here only if it were at least $1000 each. They got standards, here!] You might want a few ART Tube MP Studios for development use. I have bought 6 now- and two are gifts for my daughter. I gave her (& her husband) a pair of Mackie HR824's last year, so now they can groove, too.

    Have fun. I know I will.

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