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    Full-range Speaker project (PICS)

    I recently finished this set of full-range speakers. I used the Creative Sound Solutions FR125S full-range driver. I built the mini Onken cab (designed by Dave Delugas) to house them. The center channel is a sealed cab.
    I'm very pleased with the sound of them. I'm using them with my Tempest Octagon sub. It's nice to know that quality sound can be had from speakers without the cross-over implementation.

    I haven't finished the doors to cover the tv compartment. The lower compartment houses the components. Will eventually finish off the set with some rear surrounds.

    If anyone is interested in the full-range arena; this is a good starter.

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    Nice cabinetry!!

    Congradulations Really nice looking.

    I wish I had the skill and tools to undertake such work. What is the finish -- certainly looks better than a simple paint job.

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    those look killer. I love single driver speakers they have a very unique sound you cant get from anything else. great job

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    This guys woodworking skills are fantastic........
    Have a good day.....Sez' Pat
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