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    Question DIY Etiquette

    I'm just curious in the DIY world...if someone does a particular speaker design- cosmetically, or it considered alright to copy the design if you're not using it to profit from? I know in the art world, it is against the law, so I was just curious to know.

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    Really, so even if I could repaint the "La Liberté Guidant Le Peuple" or something and just wanted to do so for personal reasons, no profit intented, it's illegal?

    Most DIY-ers I know are among the worlds most generous. They consider it an honor to be imitated, not theft.
    Copying corporate speakers might be another matter, but there's so many knock-off look alike speakers these days that I doubt it's "illegal"...maybe just cheap...for DIY purposes, go to town.

    You must have some outrageous design in mind...i find 95% of all box speakers to look the same anyway, just color and veneer differences.

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    Most DIY speaker design websites that I've seen contain a copyright statement saying you can use their designs for personal or non-commercial use at no cost. They threaten legal action only if you use their designs commercially without paying them a licensing fee.

    Here is an example

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    Thanks for the replies. Actually, I'm not concerned with a design I might come up with but I had been designing something to change the look of my's and found something very similar to my design. I actually like this design better than mine, even though I was still at the drawing stages
    It's by Eric at
    I love the look of that speaker (and stand). I wouldn't build the stand but thought the design would be fairly easily added to the box I made.
    I'd like to do this and then move on to something harder. I'm toying around with doing something with bended wood sides later this year but really want to come up with a nice design.
    Kexodusc, it is illegal in most states (maybe all) to copy any artwork unless you give the artist credit somewhere on the painting, or you have to alter it in some way to make it different...blah, blah, gets long and boring. I just attended a seminar on this...

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    There are paint by numbers kits which replicate classic masterpiece paintings.

    I know in college I learned more about painters and artists by copying their work. It was for my own learning experience and I never displayed them anywhere. The benfit I got from this exercise was the exposure to the challenges the masters experienced and how they solved the problem. There is no better way to learn than to copy. By comprehending their techniques and approaches, I was able to expand and develop my own style and expression. Just give credit where it is due and make it obvious that it is a copy.

    I think you would benefit in the same manner by exploring the technology that fascinates you and recreating it. That is exactly what the Japanese have done with the car market. They've now make them better than anybody.

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