I've decided to build my own component rack, and I'm of two minds as to the type of material to use for the platforms. My first thought was to use two 1 1/2" HD butcher block pieces, glued together to create a 3" thick wooden platform. Then, while surfing the net, I came across the idea of using shallow sand-filled trays with a large piece of ceramic tile nestled into the sand. The inside dimensions of the tray would be 1/2" more than the width of the tile. The resulting 1/4" gap would then be filled with silicone caulking on all sides of the tile.

While the latter idea would most certainly provide more vibration damping than the butcher block platforms, I'm worried that they might be too much of a good thing. I've read of over-damping sucking the musical life out of components, especially turntable and cd transports. I would hate to spend all the time and effort to fabricate these platforms, only to have my music DOA.

Any and all thoughts on this matter would be very much appreciated.