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    Damping material for AR

    I recived the kit.
    Can anybady tell me what damping material should i use ?
    I have acustica and the ather that comes with a kit.
    Maybe i should combine the two? the gray stuff i will put on the walls and Acustica behind the woofer?
    I will make a cabinetes 1cm begger at every side , becouse of a thicker MDF(2.4cm),I do not whant to lose mid so should i put more acustica behind the woofer?
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    Alex, to be honest, the design calls for a small amount of loose polyester fill (polyfil), the kind that you'd stuff in pillows or blankets. It's usually very cheap, and it works the best.
    I don't recommend the darker foam that comes with the kit. That's fine for some designs, but when I used it, it really choked up the speaker.
    2 or 3 inches of loose polyfil on the back wall around the port tube and terminal is all that's needed, you don't want to over damp the speaker.
    Since you already have that white stuff, might as well use that in place of the polyfil, just make sure it's fairly loose and not too dense.

    Madisound sends that dark foam with all their kits...don't know why, but whatever.

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    Thank that you allways replay to my questions.

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