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    Capacitor !,help Me,please....

    Please people help me!
    I'm having a truoble in capacitor choice.
    I have not done direct comparison between they,but i would know which capacitor,suonds warm and natural.
    i will put in crossover for morel mdt33 and dynaudio d52af.
    The candidates are :
    - solen 400v;
    - solen 630v;
    - audyncap 400v;
    - audyncap plus 800v;
    - mundorf m-cap 400v;
    - mundorf m-cap supreme 800v (no oil);

    I would know which give to me a more relaxed suond.

    I already seen the Tony Gee cap. test,do not intrest me.


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    Might try....

    the parts express tech talk forum. They have a lot of electrical engineers that hang out there.

    Good luck.

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