Been here a couple yrs now and have seen alot of links to alot of info. I thought I'd share some of my "G" rated library with those who stop by from time to time. Maybe something in here you don't have, or something you forgot about...

Acoustics and Vibrations Animations

Physics in the Classroom... Soundwaves and Music

The Physics Classroom

Encarta Articles on Sound

Michael LaLena's DIY Audio Pages

Elliot Sound Products

Art Ludwig's project articles

True Audio Tech Topics

LDSG Loudspeaker Designers Selection Guide

Home of Transient Perfect Design

Linkwitz Lab

F4ier Loudspeaker

Loudspeakers 101

Understanding Cabinet Edge Diffraction


DIY links from Audionova

Epanorama Audio Links

If I'm breaking any rules or a site owner wish's to have his/her site removed, I'll gladly remove them.

Enjoy the road to DIY!

More to come.