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Thread: AR.COM xo mods

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    AR.COM xo mods

    Hi all - I've got a question.

    I have some older AR.COM 2 ways, and was wondering if there is a final recommended configuration for the crossover. I've had these speakers for about 3 years, and have poured through the posts looking for a recommended configuration. I'm assuming that there have been many changes to the xo since I put these together, but Madisound's site info is a bit muddled. It looks like I'll be changing a choke and resistor, and adding another resistor to the tweeter. Would someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction for some assistance?


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    Madisounds latest xo schematic is recommended by Ed Frias now. I think it is right for these drivers, I couldn't come up with anything better when I tried. Might try ordering a few extra resistor values when you do you the option of tailoring the top end response to taste...I like mine a bit on the bright side I'm told, but I choose the standard values (measure flat)

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