Is it worth the money to upgrade from the Rega RB300 if you don't own a class A turntable? Stereophile rated the Rega as one of the ten best tonearms made regardless of price, but failed to mention in their "top 100 components" issue what the other 9 are. One I know is the SME type V, and another is the Graham, neither of which would work for me and are cost prohibitive given my budget and the ancillary equipment being used.

My turntable is a VPI HW-19jr. with the Mk IV platter, I have the Stand alone motor assembly and Black Diamond Racing carbon fiber clamp. I am using Cardas Neutral Reference from output jacks I had mounted and hard wired to the arm. My cartridge is the Benz Glider HO, ser.1.

Some thought I have given to the Clearaudio Unify but have read some discouraging comments about it in various reviews. It is difficult to set-up and use. The RB900 would seem to be a more natural upgrade path, since an armboard would be unnecessary.

Anyone who has experience in this regard, please forward your comments.