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    Turntable sounds like the Chipmunks

    I have a Technics SLB202 I bought new in 1982 and the speed is all over the place usually very fast. I've replaced the belt, cleaned and adjusted the variable speed pots and nothing has any effect.
    If it stays on long enough it does slow down a bit but is vulnerable to any voltage drop on that circuit for example if someone turns on a light or a radio it affects the speed (slows down or increases with each device that is turned on or off).
    I believe it is something in the speed stabilization circuit.
    It has been getting worse gradually.

    Does anyone have any knowledge on this with Technics turntables?

    Does anyone have a schematic on this?

    It has a very small circuit board....can't be that hard to figure out.
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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?
    Well, since it's that small and can't be too hard to figure out, simply replace the speed stabilization circuit.

    All you need now is to know what that is, and an experienced tech with the necessary tools to troubleshoot it might be useful here.

    While you're at it, you might ask about using a Black & Decker drill with small bits to do a root canal. That can't be too difficult either.

    In both cases, the proper tools in the hands of one with experience who knows how to use them is the key, not the apparant simplicity of the task at hand. It's the training and skill that costs, not the component parts.

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    Well markw, thank you for your warm welcome and your smartalek remark on my first post at this forum, your smugness is coming through quite loud and clear.

    Now that you have clearly revealed what your technical skills are maybe you should go back the Barney forum and leave this to the professionals and let the adults among us talk.

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    Here is a link to the vinylengine and they have a service manual for the ttable. Since the table is older when you have it apart you might check the main bearing for lubrication. I hope the link works and parts are still available.
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