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Thread: Turntable Hum

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    Turntable Hum

    Hi all!! I'm brand new here and this just happens to be my first post. I've done a bit of looking around here and it seems to be a great forum.

    I am having an issue. I have a Sanyo TP-1030 turntable. Old but it gets the job done. Just recently I replaced the cartridge on it with an Audio Technica 71ELC and ever since, I have been getting a horrible hum. This hum decreases quite a bit when I touch my hand to the tonearm. I have tried unplugging the grounding wires. Replugging the grounding wires. Switching the grounding wires by suggestion of a friend and nothing will get rid of this annoying hum. Is it possible I damaged the little wires that go from the headshell to the cartridge while I was changing the cartridge? I never had this hum on my old cartridge. Could it be that my new one is defective? Now, I must warn everyone: I am by no means even in the same area code as an audiophile. I appreciate good sound, but have neither the knowledge nor the resources to really consider myself anything more than a casual listener (in other words: full disclosure, I'm kind of an idiot on some of this stuff). I really appreciate any help anyone could give me. Once again, great site.

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    Have you tried putting the old cartridge on again? That might rule out damage to the wires. Before you try that, though...Does the hum increase if you move the tonearm in toward the spindle?

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    Grounding wires? There are usually three wires - left, right and ground. Do you have three wires?

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    I'd agree...switch back to the old cartridge, and see if the hum goes away. If not, there is a good chance of a damaged wire. If the turntable has a removeable head shell, you might just try removing it, and putting it back on a couple of times. Sometimes that can clean the contacts a bit. Your other idea of a defective cartridge is also possible. Doesn't happen often, but sometimes.

    Do you have audio from both channels?

    What cartridge are you using that only has 3 wires?

    Dave O.

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    a couple of things

    check all connections to the cart and arm for integrity. use needlenose pliers to rotate the clips on the pins. clean the contacts on the headshell and arm, that can easily be a source of hum.

    try a separate ground from the chassis of the tt to the ground as well as the regular one. i did this with my rabco st4 tt and it worked.

    hope that helps.

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