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Thread: SOTA Moonbeam

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    SOTA Moonbeam

    The dealer I bought my table from has recently picked up SOTA, he is telling me about this table called Moonbeam that retailed around $750.00 he is really impressed with, saying the speed is as stable as anything he has had in the store which is saying a lot as a comparison. I haven't heard one yet just putting this out there for any one shopping in this range, sounds like a real bang for buck product.

    SOTA is a US company and known for the upper end models that uses air pump to suck the LP onto the platter. I almost bought one of these when looking for a table but too large for the space I had.

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    Wylie has one set up at his place the last time I was there a few weeks back. I'm headed over there again soon. Perhaps I can take a listen then.
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    SOTA Comet was a table I was considering when I was having trouble with mounting the new Rega motor. I wanted a table that I could mount my RB250 on since with the rewire and Technoweight sounds so damn good. Years ago the SOTA's received great reviews and was a turntable to dream about. Having a table at that price will give Regas a run for their money.
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