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    Sony PS-8750 Tonearm Trouble

    Just recently purchased a PS-8750 but the manuals were not included. I've never seen a tonearm quite like it before and I'm unsure of how to balance it properly and what the other knobs do. It's the stock tonearm.

    If anyone has any tips or can provide me a scan of the page in the manual that tells you how to balance and what each thing does I would highly appreciate it. I don't want to drop $15 for a PDF File I'll be reading only one time.

    Huge thanks to whoever helps out in advance!

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    Someone has to know something about it.

    Here's a reference:

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    Looks like the manual would be a nice thing to have. The ram seems to have a number of adjustments. First to set the tracking force, the counterweight looks fairly traditional. I saw the balck ring with the gram markings at the front of the counterweight. Once the cartridge is installed move the counterweight back or forth until the arm floats level. Once floating and without moving the counterweight turn the black ring to 0. Now that the indicator ring is at 0 turn the entire counterweight and watch the black ring and the numbers until they match the tracking force appropriate for your cartridge. For example you would turn past 0 to 1, 2 and 3 grams with some smaller marks inbetween.

    The tonearm looks to have vertical tracking angle adjustments. This is an adjustment to ensure the stylus is at the proper tracking angle. A good starting point is having the arm parallel to the record. The two knobs at the base will are responsible for this adjustment. A tonearm too high or low will compromise the sound quality.

    The arm also looks like it has adjustment for anti-skating. This keeps the stylus from putting more force on one side of the record groove. I am not sure from the picture how to adjust it.

    Did the table come with a cartridge? Since the table is many years old I was wondering about the condition of the cartridge. You did not say if this was your first table. I think you also mentioned in another thread that it is missing feet or a foot. The table looks nice but is complicated and with parts missing I wonder if you could return it?

    Any other questions I will try to help.
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    It's just missing the feet for the bottom, other than that it's fine.

    Here is a scan of the manual (Jap unfortunetly) for the tonearm. Maybe this will help you out.

    Thanks for the reply

    EDIT: Yes, I did put a new cartridge in this. It had Pickering V15 but the stylus broke after a couple of plays. I also didn't like the sound of it, had a very thin sound. Right now it's just a Stanton 500.V3, nothing too spectacular, just something to hold me over for now (tight on cash) and conveniently found at Guitar Center.

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