Well...I got my HK T35C back yesterday. It's fitted with a Grado DJ 100. I also had some wiring work done on the tonearm, which is still original. Aside from this, I had an overhaul done on the electronics. Let me tell you, it sounds great!! I have been listening to my Pio PL-516 for some time now. It's equipped only with a stock cart so that my family can use it, without me having to suffer a seizure with every use. Still, it's a great sounding table and I wouldn't trade it for the world. A good friend of mine who is a guitar tech by trade (toured with Barenaked Ladies), did the work for free. This basically meant that I had to wait a couple of months. I'm sure he's glad that the random, "casual" calls are over now. ....ring, ring...."Hey, how ya doin?"....."ITS ALMOST DONE!!!!"

Most people I run with, have steered me away from Grado products. Being a headphone junky, I have had no real use for them. But this cart sounds amazing! Previous to the Grado, I had what I thought was a good Audio Technica. It came with the table when I bought it. The last album I listened to with the AT, was Graceland, Paul Simon. So I put that on first, and I couldn't believe the reproduction this thing is capable of. It just seems to seperate all the subtlties of the music with such ease. The other real noticable quality is the warmth of the highs, so soft, and even more so now that I've grown used to the Pio.

Well anyhow, I am excited and since my wife would just roll her eyes at all of this, I thought I would share here. Cheerio, Chubbs